Star Wars Food - Recipes and Labels

Star Wars Theme Foods, Recipes, and Free Printable Food Labels/Tent Cards.  Buon Appetito! 

Qi'ra Tarts - Qi' Lime and Ra-spberry Tarts
Solo character Qi'ra themed tarts that are tart, but sweet. If you love Key Lime Pie, you will enjoy these!
Barriss Offee Breakfast Burritos
No matter what you decide goes inside, it's a Star Wars themed breakfast that's nutrified!
Star Wars Rebels Ezraspberry Lemonade Slushies
Lemonade, Raspberries, and Milk mix together to make the most refreshing slushies of the year! 
Star Wars Rebels Herashey's S'mores
Camping out in front of your TV watching Rebels has never been yummier!
Boba Fett Banana Bread - Bobanana Bread 
National Banana Bread is in February. This is our latest version. Check out the cool Boba Fett Helmet decor. Scrumptious and gorgeous! 
Yoda Ear Shamrock Cookies
Perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Star Wars Luck o' the Irish comes from Yoda Ear shaped Shamrocks. Both a pin and and a stencil for cookies.

Porg Valentine Heart Sugar Cookies
Adorable Star Wars Porgs stenciled onto yummy heart shaped sugar cookies. Can be made gluten-free. 
Chewie Jynger Snap Cookies
The best chewy ginger cookies you will ever taste. The bits of crystallized ginger make it!
Jyn Erso's Vegan/Dairy-Free Candied Jynger Chocolate Truffles
Oh my goodness, these are so rich, melt-in-your-mouth gingery chocolate candies! Did I mention they are easy to make? 
The Last Jedi Porg Cupcakes
Porgkin Spice Cupcakes made into the most adorable creature - PORGS! Sure to be a hit at any party!!!
Star Wars Cloud City Cookies - Meringue Cookies
When in Bespin, you can eat Cloud City Cookies or you can make them while on Earth. Light, airy, sweet, and crisp. 
Star Wars Nabatella Twi'lekmisu - Nutella Tiramisu
When in Ryloth, eat as the Twi'leks. You've never had a better tiramisu (that is if you love Nutella, like we do).
Star Wars Rebels Kanan Jarrus Kannonballs (Cannonballs)
What an outstanding meal before watching an episode of Star Wars Rebels or at a Rebels themed party. Kannonballs are easy to make and even better to eat!
Star Wars Rebels Saw Gerrera German Pancakes
Make it a Star Wars Rebels morning by serving up this hot breakfast of German Dutch Baby Pancakes. So easy to make you'll surprise the family with your jedi baking skills!
Star Wars Dark Side Snoke Berries
All snoking aside, the Dark Side does make for delectable chocolate covered strawberries and we have the recipe with printable food label for you.

Star Wars Supreme Snokeanoff
Supreme Leader Snoke Stroganoff AKA Snokeanoff. We have yet to learn if Snoke is Russian, but until then do let your theories unleash while you chow down on this main dish. You can get our Vegetarian version of Stroganov recipe and free printable food label.
Star Wars Rebels HERAshey's Chocolate Cake
Star Wars Rebels Hera Syndulla themed version of chocolate cake. As the mother figure, Hera might insist you to eat your veggies first, but chocolate is made from a cocoa bean, so technically, it's a vegetable or fruit! Hera-shey's "Synfully" rich Chocolate Cake and frosting recipe and free printable party food label.

Star Wars Bosskotti AKA Chocolate Chip Biscotti
Amazing Star Wars Food - Bosskotti AKA Chocolate Chip Biscotti. The entire family will love it! It's perfect dipped in Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate. Free recipe and printable party label.
Star Wars Spicy Peach Cobb Vanth AKA Spiced Peach Cobbler
Star Wars Spicy Peach Cobb Vanth - A delicious spiced peach cobbler recipe and free printable food label. Peaches and Cream if you serve it "a la mode."

Star Wars Anakin and Padme Italian Wedding Cookies
My Barely Italian Wedding Cookies are transformed into Anakin and Padme Wedding Cookies for a yummy treat! Some call them Mexican Wedding Cookies, but honestly, these are from a galaxy far, far away. Get the recipe and free printable label. 

Star Wars Flametrooper French Toast
Make your favorite French toast recipe and print out the food label to make it a Star Wars morning! Disclaimer: Flametrooper toast should not be caught on fire before ingestion for best flavor.

Star Wars Boba Fettuccine Alfredo
Garlic and Parmesan dominate this delectable Italian Star Wars main dish of Boba Fettuccine Alfredo. We know that Sarlacc tastes like Garlic (not chicken), leading to the conclusion that Boba Fett did indeed escape. 
Star Wars Rey of Sunshine Lemon Bars
Nothing announces Spring or celebrates the Return of the Easter Jedi Bunny like the delectable citrus taste of lemon. Our lemon bars are melt in your mouth. 
Star Wars Rebels Zeb O Onion Rings 
A delicious side dish at any party or chewiesburger night. Make your favorite recipe or frozen delight, just be sure to print out the label to turn it into a Star Wars Rebel food! 

Star Wars Rebels Chopper Chip Cookies 
My scrumptious chocolate chip cookie recipe altered to make it Star Wars Rebels Chopperlicious.

Star Wars Hutt Dogs and Darth Vader Tots
Whether they're veggie dogs, beef franks...they taste better when Jabba the Hutt roasts them over the BBQ. And who doesn't enjoy Tater Tots?
Star Wars Italian Easter Egg Bread
Soft potato bread that doubles as a breakfast, dessert, or even dinner roll/place-card setting. You decide how sweet or savory to make it. An Italian Easter treat with a Star Wars spin on it.
Star Wars Crescent City Corellia Garlic Rolls
Potato crescent rolls taken to another galaxy with garlic and parmesan cheese. Make plenty, as they always want more whether living on Corellia or on Earth.
Star Wars Lucky Luke's Yoda Ear Shamrock Cookies
What's a St. Patricks Day celebration without our Lucky Luke Yoda Ear Shamrock Cookies and Free Printable Yoda Ear Shamrock to pin on so as not to be pinched by the lightsaber of an enemy. 
Star Wars Clone Wars Commander Appo's Apple Cider Cake
When autumn comes around and you're craving apple and spice, I have the perfect breakfast bread or dessert. No cloning of apples required, but we did command some Alpine Apple Cider mix into the recipe. 
Star Wars Rancor Ribs
No, Rancor doesn't taste like chicken!!! It is an acquired taste, but if you set your mind to it, you can imagine it tastes like beef or pork. Try not to picture the creature while it's cooking if you want to whet your appetite!
Star Wars The Old Republic Revanoli Reborn - Ravioli Lasagna
The perfect dinner for SWTOR fans. More proof the Old Republic was a great lover of all things Italian. Revan Reborn is as Italian as me! ;)
Star Wars Hoth Cream
Hoth may have seemed inhospitable to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, but Wampa, Rayboo, and Tauntauns regularly partake of the freshest Snow Ice Cream made in the galaxy. We all scream for Hoth Cream!
Star Wars Darth Revanoli - Ravioli
Chef Boyardee may be your kids favorite ravioli brand, but print out this free food label and transform it into the coolest Star Wars food according to Darth Revan and SWTOR fandom.
Star Wars Darth Maul Brownie Tiramisu Parfait
You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to surprise your Darth Maul fan with this sweet treat that is a spin off from a Kraft recipe. I plan to remake this soon with an easier technique for the horns on Darth Maul.
Star Wars Sarlacc Toast - Garlic Toast with Cheese
Maybe the Sarlacc was such an angry creature, because people avoided him for his garlic breath. On the upside, no vampires ever harassed the sarlacc! Boba Fett may have turned him inside out...we have yet to see how that scene ended.
Star Wars Tauntaun Guts and Starkillers - Spaghetti with Meatballs
Han and Luke might have made it seem like the inside of the Tauntaun was a bit stinky, but their spaghetti guts are quite tasty. My starkiller meatballs are the perfect topper!
Star Wars Sith Master Dark Ale, Jawa Juice, and Watto Water
Turn any drink into Star Wars refreshments. Whether you have beer, juice, or water, I have your label!
Star Wars Rebels Sabine's Starbird Bars
Sabine Wren is feisty and artistic, thus she loves these spiced up pumpkin bars and even tagged her symbol on top of them. Perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other fall holidays.
Star Wars Mynockchos - Nachos Supreme and Jedi Master Pale Ale
Every Mynock loves Nachos Supreme with some beer while watching football, soccer, hockey, or baseball. Of course their favorite sport is Wingsuit Flying Aerobatics.
Star Wars Ham Solo in Carbonara
I think even Han Solo wouldn't have minded being trapped in Carbonite, if only they would have fed him my Star Wars version of Spaghetti alla Carbonara. While this is traditionally a omnivore dish, one can use fakon bacon and olive oil as a substitute for the pork.
Star Wars Chewiesburgers and Finn Fries
Chewbacca and Finn may have had a rough start, but everybody knows Cheeseburgers and French Fries go together like a Klatooine Paddy Frog on Jabba's tongue.
Star Wars Zep-POE-le aka Italian Doughnuts
Poe Dameron needs a good carb load before undergoing dangerous missions for the Resistance! He refuses to choose between Nutella Italian Doughnuts and Cinnamon Sugar Italian Donuts when he can have both! 
Star Wars Bobanana Bread
My children intentionally allow the bananas to get overripe so Boba Fett can get his favorite Banana Bread for Breakfast! You'll go bananas for it too!
Star Wars Princess Leia Cinnamon Buns and Bantha Milk
While you may not like hair in your food, eating Princess Leia's Buns - Potato Bread Cinnamon Rolls drizzled in Mascarpone Icing is so rich and delicious you will need to chase it with a frothy, ice cold cup of Bantha Milk!
Star Wars Yoda Soda Floata
About 10 years ago, I made my first Yoda Soda Floata placard to go with the yodalicious treat and started offering it for free to other Star Wars fans. Over the years, it has remained a popular request. It's simple to make and even easier to slurp down!
Star Wars Candy Lightsabers
Items such as Pixie Sticks and Lindt Chocolate Sticks are easily turned into Candy Lightsabers for fun treats to give out at Halloween or Valentine's Day or party treats.
Star Wars Ewok Village Hut Desserts
Ewoks rate as one of the all-time cutest creatures in the Star Wars Universe. While I cannot tell you whether or not they ate the brains of the stormtroopers before they played the drums on their helmets, I can tell you that their huts make for good eating!
Star Wars DIY Lego Cakes
Cakes baked in loaf pans and marshmallows make for Lego bricks and fitting fare.
Star Wars Kyber Crystal Lightsabers
What better way to defend your mouth's happiness than candy coat some pretzel rods and dip them in sparkling sugar?
Star Wars Yoda Wisdom Cookies
"Eat fortune cookies, you will!"