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"I incapacitated Luke Skywalker back in the '70s and I heard him shriek like a banshee!"

The Star Wars Mom Giulianna
Julianne Rigali /
Giulianna, The Star Wars Mom
It's all true!!! I'll explain more below.

Ciao! I am Julianne Rigali / Giulianna AKA "The Star Wars Mom." 

Am I a Jedi or a Sith?

If I had to choose a side, it would definitely be a Jedi!

Snapshot of My Life:

Children? *Check title of website*! 💓 They are the reason I started making Star Wars goodies and share them with you. I recently became a grandmother! 👶

Pets? Yes, one of them being a porg named Mara Jade Porgwalker! My porg is currently on tour.

My work desk is adorned with Lego Star Wars and other Star Wars collectibles.

I'm grateful to be featured on TheForce.Net - One of the top Star Wars news sites. 🌟

I'm also "The Barely Italian." It's where I conjure up recipes and dish about Italian culture.

I am blessed to work occasionally in law enforcement training alongside my best friend. And I #BacktheBlue.


  • cooking
  • traveling
  • hiking
  • museums
  • reading non-fiction (go figure, I still love all things Star Wars)
  • research & development

Product Reviews and Giveaways:

I will consider all family-friendly product reviews and giveaways.

If you have a food product, I may choose to incorporate it into a Star Wars recipe.

You may contact me via this email address or the form on the bottom of the mobile version or the sidebar of the full website.


First and foremost, this site was created to share resources I create or find pertaining to Star Wars.

The entire Star Wars theme, whether names, images, storylines, etc is all a licensed product of  Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd. I am in no way compensated by Disney or Lucasfilm Ltd (at this time, but it will happen I've been telling myself for over 10 years...LOL) and all opinions are of my own volition.

Please link back to my site and give me credit if you choose to share anything on my site. Thank you!

I was the "dark side" big sister!

You may be surprised to learn I wasn't always a hardcore Star Wars fan.

 As a family, we went to see the Star Wars movies when they were in the theater. 1977, 1980, 1983!

My younger brother would beg me to play Star Wars with him.*annoying*

He always had to be Luke Skywalker (what boy didn't want to be Luke as a child?) and would assign me the Kenner action figure of Darth Vader.

I knew the storyline, but...
being a bratty big sister, Darth Vader would slay Luke and be victorious!!! *cue diabolical laughter*

Can you imagine the sounds coming from my furious younger brother?

It was all good, but then...

Fast forward 10+ years later:

My younger brother decided the ultimate payback would be to turn my kids into diehard Star Wars fans. It worked. All my kids love Star Wars.

Thus, over 20 years ago, I realized if I didn't join them, I was going to be left behind.

Guess what? I discovered Star Wars was indeed the coolest universe.

The Force called me. Nothing has ever been the same. Every Day is Star Wars Day!!!