Star Wars Party Planning & Crafts

Star Wars Party & Crafts

How to use this page for party planning: 

Scroll down page and look for paper printables and crafts for various Star Wars themes.
Please go to our Free Printables page to look for Jedi Academy Certificates, Fett Academy Diploma, Porg Adoption Certificate, Coloring Pages, etc.
Visit our Theme Food page to find Star Wars recipes and free printable food labels/tent cards

Boba Fett Party Printables and Crafts

Boba Fett Birthday Party Invite
Boba Fett Cupcake Toppers
Boba Fett Treat Bag Topper

Star Wars Rebels Party Printables and Crafts

Star Wars Rebels Party Invitation
Star Wars Rebels Treat Bag Topper
Star Wars Rebels Party Banner
Star Wars Rebels Cupcake Toppers
Star Wars Rebels Timeline Banner

Porg Party Printables and Crafts

Porg Candy Bar Wrappers
Customize and Personalize Porg Party Banners
Porg Cupcake or Cake Pop Toppers
Porg Ahch-To Spring Water Bottle Labels
DIY Porg PopCorn Boxes
Porg Birthday Party Invitations
Porg Party Hats
DIY Porg Pinwheels or Porgs Windmills

May the 4th - Star Wars Day

May the Fourth - Mini Candy Bar Wrappers
May the Porgth - Porg Cupcake Toppers

Star Wars Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation #1 - Free Printable

Star Wars Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation #2 - Free Printable

Star Wars Minecraft - Wampa Poop - Free Printable

Free Star Wars Valentine's Day:

Free Star Wars Halloween Party:

Star Wars Halloween Party Invitation - Free Printable

Star Wars Halloween Party Wampa Poop Treat Printable

Cutest Ewok Costume Ever!

Free Star Wars Christmas/Holidays:

DIY Santa Yoda Hat for Under $5 (Use as hat or Christmas Decor/Tree Topper)
Star Wars Minecraft Happy Holidays Wampa Poop Treat - Free Printable

Free Star Wars Crafts/Party Favors:

DIY Sturdy & Safe LightSabers for Under $1.00 Each

DIY AT-ST Scout Walker Marionette Puppet

DIY Candy Lightsabers

How to Control the Force: Using Midichlorian Finger Traps

Minecraft Star Wars Builds: Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn 

Minecraft Star Wars Builds: Princess Leia and Mara Jade 

Minecraft Star Wars Builds: Ewok, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, AT-AT, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Geonosis, Hoth, Millenium Falcon, Republic Gunship, etc

Free Star Wars Treats/Recipes:

Star Wars Food - Yoda's Wisdom Cookies

Star Wars Food - DIY Candy Lightsabers

Star Wars Drink - Yoda Soda Floata 

Star Wars Food - Ewok Village Hut Dessert

Star Wars Food - Sparkling Lightsabers

Star Wars Food - Wampa Poop 

Star Wars Food - Star Wars Lego DIY Cake

PI Day: Minecraft Star Wars Meme