Q is for Qi'ra - Solo

Q is for Qi'ra Alphabet Coloring Page from Solo: A Star Wars Story
Q is for Qi'ra - Solo: A Star Wars Story Alphabet Coloring Page
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 Solo: A Star Wars Movie Alphabet Coloring Page

The premiere was last night and the anticipation is building for the soon release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. I read many of the one line reviews from last night and sadly, I didn't catch anything about Qi'ra. I guess I'll have to wait to see the movie for myself!

Coloring pages are always a hit with children and often a way to relax for adults. Alphabet coloring pages make it possible for teachers to use them in the classroom and still be within the standards and lesson plan. 😊 

And since I'm unable to cook or craft at the moment, free printables are what will be mostly coming your way.

"I've got a really good feeling about this!"

Don't forget we also have Qi'ra Tarts Recipe and Food Label, as well as Solo Candy Wrappers.

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