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Free Printable: Jedi Knight Academy Certificate

(ATTENTION: I have received many emails saying DocStoc is not permitting people to print the certificate below. I have posted a new one that you can download and/or print from my blog instead. You can find it here:
Jedi Knight Training Academy Certificate)


Please feel free to download this document and personalize as needed. You may NOT sell this form for any amount and you are requested to leave the copyright in place. The Jedi Code is copyrighted by Lucasfilm Ltd.

When I developed this certificate, I typed each padawan's name in Aurebesh first and then Exotic Island fonts. Aurebesh is the font used on the Pod Racers and in other places in the Star Wars galaxy. I have left Master Yoda's name in Aurebesh and then Exotic Island.


Jedi Knight Training Academy Certificate -