Porg Valentine Sugar Heart Cookies - Star Wars DIY

When she makes you a Star Wars PorgValentine Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookie Meme
When she makes you a Star Wars Porg Valentine Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookie!!!

Eeeeeeeee! Can you eat this adorable Porg
Valentine Heart Sugar Cookie? 

Star Wars Porgs Valentine's Day Cookies Heart Shaped Porg Sugar Cookies
Porgs!!! Star Wars Cookies for a Valentine's Day Party!
Yes, you can! Who doesn't like homemade sugar cookies for Valentine's Day? Put adorable porgs on them and now you have melted hearts throughout the galaxy.

We combined a sugar cookie mix with some amaretto liqueur, almond and vanilla extracts, butter, and eggs to make it have the taste of Italian Sugar Cookies. 

We used the same flavorings, plus some heavy cream in a royal icing recipe to decorate the cookie. I'd skip the heavy cream if you need these to set up.


Would you like the Porg Sugar Cookie decor stencil?  

Star Wars Mom Porg Sugar Cookie Stencil Decor
The porg valentine cookie stencil
(click on image to save or print)
I altered one of the porg stencils from the Star Wars website for carving pumpkins.
I then printed out the porg cookie decor stencil onto cardstock and used an X-acto knife to cut out the black areas (using a cutting board underneath the card stock). 

Time to decorate the porg cookies

After making heart shaped sugar cookies (these days you can even buy them pre-made during Valentine's season), we iced the cookies using royal icing, but added the flavorings mentioned above.  

We sprayed some of the cookies with Wilton Pink Color Mist. After letting them dry overnight, we were ready to stencil on the porgs. 

Even Chewie would eat these porgs valentine cookies
Even Chewie would eat these porgs!!! V-day Cookies!
Now there are at least two methods in which you can stencil the porg onto the cookies. 

(1) The magnet method when using an air-brush method.  

(2) The spatula method. Use the back of your icing spatula...and spread/scrape the icing down across the stencil. 

***Be sure to lift the stencil straight up to keep from smudging. 

The Little Touches on the Valentine's Day Porg Cookies

Now, since we mostly used pink heart cookies to stencil on...the white of the eyes did not show up. Thus we piped on black eyes and added a white candy pearl for the eyes. 

How to get the porg feather effect on the cookies
How to get the feather effect on the Porgs
Valentine's Day Cookies.
To give the feather effect, I used a toothpick or the tine on a fork to add a little detail to the brown wing area of the porgs. 

We tried adding colored sugar, but honestly...we were disappointed with the results. 

But if you want to try and cannot find brown decorator sugar, you can make your own by adding brown food gel/paste to white sugar in a quart size freezer bag and then rub back and forth until the color is evenly spread and you are satisfied with the color. 

You can then spread the sugar out on a lined baking sheet overnight to dry out the sugar before using.  

May the Force Be With You!!!