Star Wars - DIY Candy Lightsabers

DIY Candy Lightsabers
DIY Candy Lightsabers
Pixy Stix and Lindt Chocolate Sticks

Years ago, when we held one of our first Star Wars themed parties, we could not find Candy Lightsabers on the market. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Thus, I walked around the store in brainstorming mode. And it came to me. I could create my own do-it-yourself candy lightsabers for a treat.
Here's what is needed:
  • Bag of pixy stix
  • Roll of foil
  • Roll of electrical tape
  • Scissors
Party time came and the kids and parents thought it was ingenious. Something so simple and cheap (I can purchase all four items at the 99 cents store for a total cost of $3.96). I spent more in "labor" than in actual items. No perfection, the black tape is crooked in many places, but nobody seemed to care. Everybody knew what they were supposed to be and thought it was cool.

Pretty much any stick type candy will work. They even have the very long, pixy stix at Party City this week for $.49 each. I purchased  these Lindt Milk Chocolate sticks (to die for) per $.99 each too. These work great for Star Wars themed birthday parties, but also for Star Wars charity events, as a cheap favor to give out to the children.

What could make a Star Wars Mom happier than a chocolate lightsaber when she is hormonal? ;)