Helix - The Science Behind Midichlorian Finger Traps

Helix Staircase in Berlin, Germany
 A helix is best exampled by coil springs or the DNA molecule. To learn more about the science behind a helix, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helix

Sirius, is a binary star system, that appears as the brightest star in our night sky. It travels in a helical (helix shaped) pattern .

Our Midichlorian Finger Trap is an example of cylindrical, helically wound biaxial braid. The tightening effect happens when pulling the entire braid causes it to lengthen and narrows it at the same time. The scientific explanation given by Wikipedia is as follows:

“The length is gained by reducing the angle between the warp and weft threads at their crossing points, but this reduces the radial distance between opposing sides and hence the overall circumference. The more one pulls, the more the circumference shrinks (i.e. the trap tightens). The same effect is used in specialized textile manufacturing, electrical contractors' wire-pullers, Indonesian woven fruit presses, and by fly-fishers.”