Star Wars: The Scanimation Review and Giveaway

"It's art!"

"No way, it's a toy!"

"Nah, it's a book!"

 It's Star Wars Scanimation! I still cannot determine how to classify this, except it fits in the EXTREMELY COOL category!

Are you looking a very unique gift which is reasonably priced for your favorite Star Wars fan this holiday season? I have found it!  The suggested retail is $14.95(US) $18.95(CAN), though you can get it between $10 and $11 (US) from most major book sellers. Amazon wins for best price from my research.

My kids and I stumbled upon Star Wars: A Scanimation Book and have fallen in love with its simplistic genius which entertains over and over again.

Rufus Butler Seder, creates optically animated artwork that engages the mind with oohs and aahs. He first came up with the idea of Lifetiles Animated Murals which grace the walls of many of our museums, aquariums, and other public places around the world. You have probably seen them if you have visited the Smithsonian in D.C., Sea World in FL, California Science Center, Bay Area Rapid Transportation's South Station in San Francisco, etc. As you travel past these walls of beautiful tiles, they seem to spring to life and animate on their own.

After years of Lifetiles, among other pieces of optical artwork, Rufus started creating scanimation books, which topped the New York Time's Bestseller List. The newest book, Star Wars, released this year debuted at #1 on the list.

Inside are 11 different scenes from Star Wars Episodes I-VI. Of course we had to figure out the science behind the book and that will be shared in the next post. Unfortunately, it did not work quite how we thought and thus trying to wedge some white paper behind the film to show you the black stripes on the clear film did not come to fruition. I was almost ready to dissect the book, but alas, I just could not bring myself to destroy such an amazing art book! Thankfully, I did not carry through after learning the artistic science behind this is more complicated than a "flip book."

The only downside to the book: It is missing my favorite character Qui-Gon Jinn. Yes, it has a battle scene with Darth Maul, but has Obi-Wan Kenobi coming in after (*SPOILER ALERT* LOL) Darth Maul struck down Qui-Gon Jinn. Of course, my youngest daughter is devastated that Queen Amidala is not in there either, but was consoled by Princess Leia Organa being included. Of course there is no way that Rufus could include everybody's favorite characters, but this is just one more reason he should make more books in the Star Wars and Clone Wars theme! :)

Levi, my son with autism, was delighted to find Darth Vader revealing his fatherhood (oops, another SPOILER spilled) and one of my other sons, Brett was intrigued that they brought out the colors in the characters, such as Yoda and his green light saber. Even the adults who have checked out this book have been intrigued with the optical illusions and the Star Wars theme. I watch everybody open and close the book slowly, investigating carefully, then speeding up the process, as if that will make it "click" as to the exact science behind this book. I enjoy the facial expressions; kind of like the first time I spied my kids' faces while watching Star Wars!

You can buy this book for your Star Wars fan through almost any major book retailer.


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