Star Wars - Jedi Knight Training Academy Certificate - Free Printable

Our new updated version Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Certificate Free Printable
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Star Wars Jedi Knight Training Academy Free Padawan Certificate Printable
Click on above photo to save and/or print this free Jedi Knight Training Academy Padawan certificate. Please leave my website on the certificate, since I am being kind enough to share it. :)
First, I would like to apologize to all of you who have attempted to download my free Jedi Knight Training Academy certificate from Docstoc and have not been able to access it. When I first uploaded it to their company a few years ago, it was under the condition it would be free to print. It seems now that people cannot print it.

We live on a tight budget.  I am not here to turn a buck off you, but rather desired to share with you the items I have created for my own children to enrich the lives of your family too. This time I am leaving the certificate as a photo file. You will have to either put it in your photo editing software to add the name and date or write them in by hand. Either way, the kids will LOVE it!

I do request that you keep my link on the photo and if you share it with others, you do so by linking to my page. Star Wars is not my property, it belongs to Disney & George Lucas, Ltd. So while the images are not my property, the time invested in creating it, is very much mine and I would appreciate the credit.

Here is a sample, filled in with the StarVader Font you can find for free on the internet. The strange font on the certificate is called Aurebesh and it is the writing used on the Pod Racers. It says, "Jedi Knight Training Academy" and under Master Yoda, it is simply his name in Aurebesh. :)