The Far Dark Side Interview

The Far Dark Side Self-Portrait of Per Hedman
The Far Dark Side Self-Portrait - Per Hedman

The Far Dark Side - It's Hot Today - Darth Vader
"It's Hot Today" by Per Hedman

Who is Per Hedman?

Per Hedman is a "40 something" dad residing in Sweden, who has found pleasure in drawing Darth Vader in everyday situations with a comical spin. About 2700 situations to date!

When Hedman was 10 years old he had his first encounter with Star Wars. In 1984, he saw Return of the Jedi in the theater with his best friend and his mother. 

For him, it was remarkable. “It was the best movie experience I had ever had.”

Darth Vader finally grows a ponytail - The Far Dark Side
"Finally Caved and got a Ponytail" by Per Hedman
It made a lasting impression. So much so, that he began drawing comic strips centered around the character of Darth Vader about three years ago.

Before that transpired, Hedman had spent many hours drawing and doodling. 

As for his favorite medium, “I love the feel of ink on paper, the black line on the white paper.” 

Who Inspired "The Far Dark Side?"

It was only natural that in time his drawing would be influenced by his passion for Star Wars and his favorite artist, Gary Larson, who created “The Far Side.”

Darth Vader isn't a Cool Kid - The Far Dark Side
"All the Cool Kids are at the Event" by Per Hedman
Hedman's brainstorming sessions for this entertainment consist of simply putting his pen to paper. 

“My process for ideas is very much nonexistent. I take my pen and my white paper, and then I start drawing. Once I'm done with it I'll start drawing the next one.”

In the infant stages of “The Far Dark Side,” Hedman posted his completed drawings on his personal Facebook page. They were a hit with his friends. His personal favorite pieces are those with a sense of weirdness to them.

The Far Dark Side - Darth Vader having a BBQ
"First BBQ of the Season" by Per Hedman
As time passed, Hedman realized his personal page was being overrun with Darth Vader comics and he began “The Far Dark Side” page on Facebook.

Presently, his Twitter account has over 40k followers who look forward to the amusing predicaments of Darth Vader.

He currently has four issues of “The Far Dark Side” in print, which are collections of his favorite illustrations. They are sold via his Twitter Page.

Darth Vader playing with a porg - The Far Dark Side
"Eeee I got a new Pet" by Per Hedman

It's Not What You Expect

What may come as a surprise is that Darth Vader is not his favorite Star Wars character. He prefers Yoda and R2-D2. 

 “I like that Yoda promotes non-violence and that Artoo needs you to project what he is saying.” If he has to choose one of these two, Artoo wins.

To Hedman, Star Wars conveys, “The struggle of good versus evil, a sense of amazement and wonder with a message of hope.”
Darth Vader is not a good pet owner - The Far Dark Side
"Playing with the New Family Member" by Per Hedman
I guess Darth Vader recalls this type of playtime
from his old playmate/brother, Obi-Wan!

 In Conclusion

“I wish everyone could find something that they enjoy as much as I enjoy drawing Darth Vader.”

All images are copyright of Per Hedman and used with his permission. Please visit him at one of his pages and contact him if you want more information. Thank you.

May the Force Be With You!