Porg Adoption Certificate - Star Wars Porgs

Official Porg Adoption Certificate - Star Wars Porgs - Mara Jade Porgwalker - Free Printable
The Porg Adoption Foundation Certificate - Mara Jade Porgwalker
See below for Free printable Adoption Certificate for Porgs

It's official - Mara Jade Porgwalker has her Porg Adoption Certificate

Mara Jade Porgwalker, my recently adopted porg, was screeching with excitement when she saw her adoption certificate.

As it turns out that the Sacred Island on Ahch-To has a Porg Adoption Foundation. Of course they do carefully screen those who want to adopt a porg. 
Free Printable Porg Adoption Certificate
Free Printable Porg Adoption Certificate
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Not Just Anybody Can Adopt a Porg!

I've heard of some being denied adoption based on background checks where it was found that said people were posting memes of roast porg on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 😲

If you know somebody who loves porgs, be sure to let them know about the Porg Adoption Foundation and these free printable porg adoption certificates.

From my understanding, many of the porgs are already lightsaber and litterbox trained. All you need to do is provide them with plenty of fish, water, love, and adventure.

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May the Porgs Be With You!