Jedi Training - How to Control the Force: Using Midichlorian Finger Traps

Star Wars Jedi Training - Midichlorian Finger Traps - Using the Force
Jedi Training Academy - Control the Force - Midichlorian Finger Traps
During our Jedi Training Academy Party, an important rite into the entrance of the order of the Jedi Knights, is learning to control fear by the power of the force within.

First you show the children the Midichlorian finger traps and explain to them that every good padawan must learn how to control fear before they can become a Jedi. Midichlorians are a microscopic life form that resides within living cells and communicates with the force. Jedis have high amounts of midichlorians, but must learn how to listen to the force.

Explain to them how they will put the tip of each index finger into the finger traps and then pull out their fingers. If their fingers should get trapped, they must immediately relax and use the force to gently untrap them, by becoming quiet and listening to the voice of the force instruct them on how to become released.

Hand out the finger traps and the panic will begin. Remind them to relax and become quiet, to immediately quit pulling. Now ask them if they think hard, can they hear the voice inside their head instructing them to push the two ends of the finger trap towards the middle, and gently pull their fingers free? As it works, the excitement builds, the young padawans have learned to control the force.

You can acquire midichlorian "Chinese" finger traps at most dollar stores and/or party stores for a minimal amount.

To make your own finger traps:
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