The Best of Star Wars Valentine's Day Cards and Recipes

You can call it what you want, but ultimately as Admiral Ackbar says,
Valentine's Day It's a Trap Star Wars Admiral Ackbar
Star Wars Admiral Ackbar - Valentine's Day...It's A Trap!!!

The best of free Star Wars themed Valentine's Day in 2018! 

Natalie from Doodlecraft posted these adorable Porg
Valentines on Creative Green Living.
* Natalie from Doodlecraft posted these adorable Porg Valentine's you can make yourself. She has the free template posted along with instructions on Creative Green Living.

These would be fun for the kids to make and hand out to their friends at school or a party. 

Delicious Porg Valentine Cookies Free Stencil Template
Porg Valentine Cookies for your Sweetheart! 

Star Wars Porg Valentine Cookies

You can make any type of sugar cookie heart and stencil this adorable Porg onto it for a scrumptious Porg Valentine's Day treat.  

These were a huge hit with the kids. 

Star Wars Chocolates, Tic Tacs, and a Porg Valentine

Next up, we have Vicky Bermudez on YouTube sharing her ideas for cute Star Wars Valentine's Gifts.

Star Wars The Last Jedi
Porg Valentine Pop-Up Cards

Porg Valentines Pop-Up Cards from Star Wars The Last Jedi Free Printables
Free Star Wars Porg Valentines Pop-Up Cards
Then we have my precious pop-up Porgs Valentines.

Seriously, the front of this card is Star Wars The Last Jedi with Rebel and The First Order Symbols intertwined into a heart. As if that isn't cool enough on it's own...

Inside two porgs pop-up to say "You're UnPORGettable" or "Hello PORGeous!" And more cute springy Star Wars Symbols and Hearts!!!

Oldies, but Goodies - Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars Free Valentines The Force Awakens
Star Wars Free Valentines from The Force Awakens
In the past years we offered a myriad of other Valentine's cards and treats, so I'll post those for you as well.

A couple of years ago we brought you The Force Awakens free printable Valentine's Day Cards. 

Star Wars Theme Romantic Dinners and Desserts

Star Wars theme food - Spaghetti and Meatballs aka Tauntaun guts and Starkillers
Star Wars RomanticTheme - Spaghetti and Meatballs
What about for your main dish? You know that Lady & The Tramp made Spaghetti and Meatballs the most famous of all romantic dinners.  In the Star Wars galaxy, we might call it something more like "Tauntaun Guts with Starkillers!" Oh doesn't that sound appetizing? ;)

Star Wars Cheesy Garlic Toast - Sarlacc Toast
Cheesy Garlic Toast - Sarlacc Toast
Then we added some Cheesy Garlic Bread - Sarlacc Toast to the meal.

Ham Solo in Carbonara - Star Wars Spaghetti Carbonara
If you absolutely want something different than spaghetti with meatballs, perhaps some Ham Solo in Carbonara is right up your alley. We know it's one of Boba Fett's favorite meals!

Star Wars Theme Romantic Dessert - Darth Maul Brownie Tiramisu Parfait
Darth Maul Brownie Tiramisu Parfait
Star Wars Valentine Dessert

For dessert, is there anything better than a Darth Maul Brownie Tiramisu Parfait?

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May the Force Be With You!