V is for Vader - Star Wars Alphabet Coloring Page

Darth Vader - The Chosen One- Alphabet Coloring Page
Darth Vader - Was He The Chosen One?
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If I need to give any background on Vader, then I doubt you're on the right page. 😉

Darth Vader AKA Anakin Skywalker

His mother Shmi Skywalker conceived him by a mysterious way of midi-chlorians.***
He took her last name.

Vader was the central part of the first six movies. He's still integral to the new trilogy, as Kylo Ren, his grandson, seeks to be the continuance of his dark side. If Vader was the chosen one to bring balance to the force, perhaps Kylo is the chosen one to bring balance again and not Rey as many are assuming. Only time will tell.

If you find time to read the childhood story of Anakin Skywalker, you will love him dearly. Shmi and Anakin were exceptional people in a galaxy of much slavery and heartache.

Until then, may the force ghost of Anakin break through to Kylo Ren. 

May the Force Be With You!

***Side note: Now interestingly enough, Hera Syndulla's son, Jacen, has taken her last name, though everybody believes Kanan to be the father. Did Hera conceive Jacen after Kanan's death through midi-chlorians? Answers we don't have to the best of my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please correct me.