Star Wars St. Yodatrick's Day Party - Family Traditions - St. Patick's Day

Star Wars Theme St. Patrick's Day - Party for St. Yodatrick's Day
St. Yodatrick's Party Ideas - Star Wars Theme St. Patrick's Day

Do You Celebrate St. Patrick's Day? 

At my house, St. Yodatrick appears...and he pulls all sorts of shenanigans. He's the Star Wars version cross between St. Patrick and a leprechaun.

It's not uncommon to find our milk dyed green, green water inside the toilets. Sometimes, we are trapped in our bedrooms by a web of green string.

One time my son Levi slept on the couch to catch St. Yodatrick or prove it was me. Much to his surprise, he woke up with green ribbon all around him and the couch.😆

Holidays Form Family Traditions

My children love holidays, because they know it will always be something special. I will find a way to make it special, even if we are on a tight budget.

Many years on St. Patrick's Day I have made sugar cookie snakes sprinkled with green sugar, since supposedly St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

Fast Forward to St. Yodatrick's Day

Now since we are a Star Wars Family, we celebrate with St. Yodatrick themed goodies. May the Luck Be With You is our theme every March 17th.

 Here are some of the ideas you can use for your own St. Yodatrick's Day Celebration:

May the Luck Be With You!