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Free Printable Star Wars Rebels Chores Chart
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Are Chore Charts a Good Idea? 

 I didn't grow up with self-discipline. It is something I am still learning and teaching to my own children. However, I did grow up in a very loving home and we were disciplined if we disobeyed rules.

Part of teaching my children self-discipline is to have daily and weekly habits that grow the trait of responsibility within them. Enter Chore Charts! Putting favorite characters on the chore charts make them seem friendlier. And what Star Wars kid doesn't love Star Wars Rebels?

You Can't Lose What You Haven't Earned!

In our home one doesn't lose privileges when one doesn't do their chores.

Instead, they earn their electronic privileges by completing their daily chores first. No gaming until schoolwork and chores are finished.

And even then their time is limited on electronics, as there is so much more to accomplish in life with wise use of one's time.

How to Use This Star Wars Rebels Chore Chart 

It's quite simple. I print it out, put the child's name and date of the week on it. Then I list each of the chores. 

For chores that aren't daily chores, I write them on the list, but I mark a big black X on the days they don't need to complete the chore. 

All of the other days, the children must refer to their chores chart and check off each chore as it's completed. Then they have 2 free hours of electronics (Gaming, computer, radio, TV, etc), if the chores are completed early enough to allow for it before bedtime.

On this website, I also have my hugely popular Lego Star Wars Chore Chart from 2013. For five years I've been helping you get the chores done around your house! 😆 And recently I posted a Porg Chores Chart. 

May the Force Be With You!