Help Luke Get His Lightsaber - Star Wars Road Trip Game

Star Wars Road Trip Travel Game - Help Luke Find His Lightsaber
Star Wars Road Trip Travel Game - Help Luke Skywalker Get His Lightsaber - Free Printable
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Road Trip!!!

Those two words can equate fun or strike dread in the heart of any parent knowing that whining children will constantly be asking the question,
"Are we there yet?"
We put on movies and let our kids play electronics to keep them busy. For the sake of parent's sanity, this is good. This is REALLY GOOD.

But for the sake of the child taking in the scenery, it's not the best choice. And let's not forget the messy snacks that will leave you cleaning your interior for a couple of hours when you get to your destination.

Back before electronic entertainment, we used to play various travel games with our children to keep them content and busy while viewing all the scenery.

Guess what? We still do. We only allow them to use electronic devices if it's dark outside.

Enter Star Wars Travel Games. 

Print out at least one per a passenger. Make sure they have something to mark an X on the signs. 

Each passenger/child will use the force to help them find all the road signs and get Luke Skywalker to his lightsaber. 

Now what Luke does with the lightsaber when we get him to it is an entirely different subject. 😉

May the Force Be With You!