A is for Ahsoka Tano - Alphabet Coloring Page

A is for Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars Rebels Alphabet Coloring Page
A is for Ahsoka Coloring Page - Star Wars Rebels Series Finale
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Did you watch the season finale of Star Wars Rebels? 

If so, then you saw the "new look" for Ahsoka. Was her cape a light gray or a white? If compared to her gray outfit, it looks white or beige. If compared to the white on her face, it looks light gray or off white. Some see her as Gandalf the White of the Star Wars series in this brief glimpse of her future.

Will Ahsoka be the first of the Gray Jedi? 

I have no idea. I'm curious. It seems apparent from everything Dave Filoni has stated that he's not going to fully reveal her outfit or future to us at this time. 

I can hardly wait for a new series to find out the answers. Until then...

A is for Ahsoka Coloring Page

I'm going to be making more of various alphabet coloring pages for various characters. More resources for parents and teachers wanting fun alphabet resources and very cool coloring pages. 
May the Force Be With You!