The Ultimate Star Wars Song - Playdough by The Aquabats

I was Star Wars' biggest FAN - Playdough by the Aquabats
The Aquabats amazing song about Star Wars - called Playdough.
Perfect Family Road Trip Song! FUN!!!

Some days are too much fun. 

I was listening to old Aquabats music (from 1996) with the kids today and reminiscing about the fun we have had with their songs over the years.

Road trips (Playdough sing along), dinner menus for the week more than once (Pizza Day song), powdered milk (my kids understand why the Powdered Milk Man must die after tasting it), science lessons (The Cat with Two Heads), Super Rad, etc.

The Ultimate Star Wars Road Trip Song

I mean the Aquabats and Star Wars go hand in hand. You do know the song, "PLAYDOUGH" don't you?

If not, you are missing out on a fun family song, especially for family road trips!

Remember the First Time You Sang "Playdough?"

We were on summer vacation, heading to a river in Texas. My younger brother, my kids, and I were all singing this song as we drove along. Every time it gets to the BOLD part of the lyrics, we yelled that word!

Ready to start mid-chorus?
When I was a little MAN
Playdough came in a little CAN
I was Star Wars' biggest FAN
Now I'm stuck without a PLAN
GI Joe was an action MAN
Shaggy drove the mystery VAN
Devo was my favorite BAND
Take me back to my happy LAND
I hope you make some happy memories with this song, too!

For the complete Star Wars lyrics to the Aquabats - Playdough, see below:

When I was a boy
I used to live in corduroy,
OP shirts, and slip-on Vans.
My life was so simple,
I had not one pimple,
My everyday was made up of these plans:
To ride my bike to Thrifty's
run past the balls and ice cream 
find the Star Wars figurines.
Thinking of my action men,
Kung-Fu grip and all,
What happened to them all?
Running through my old life
Looking for my lost toys
Where has all my fun gone?
Now that we're all older
For we grow much colder
Let's all look forward to the new dawn
An anthem for my lost toys,
Now that we're all big boys,
We'll stand together and sing this song.
We'll sing this song, it's not too long
So everybody sing along:
When I was a little man
Playdough came in a little can
I was Star Wars' biggest fan
Now I'm stuck without a plan
GI Joe was an action man
Shaggy drove the mystery van
Devo was my favorite band
Take me back to my happy land
Now my brothers and sisters,
I don't mean to make a scene.
But I lost my action figures
and it makes me want to scream!
Greedo, Chewbacca, Luke, R2 and Han,
3PO, Yoda, Boba Fett and Obi Wan.
Green Machine, Suckerman,
Silly Putty, Lincoln Logs,
Sitting in my Underoos,
Reading Christmas catalogs.
What happened to my action men and all?
What happened to it all?
Take me back to my happy land
Take me back to my happy land

This is the Aquabats performing the song live, a much faster version...