Do You Know How To Pronounce Nien Nunb?

N is for Nien Nunb Star Wars Coloring Page Alphabet
N is for Nien Nunb - Star Wars Alphabet Coloring Page
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Nien Nunb is a Sullustan smuggler and a celebrated Rebel/Resistance Pilot. He has quite a following of Star Wars fans who appreciate his skill and wit. He's known as the twitchy-faced muppet, as he's quite animated in his reactions.

"It's good to be wanted."
~ Nien Nunb on his bounty from the Empire

Nien has been with us since The Return of the Jedi. As of the ending of The Last Jedi, he remains an active part of the story. 

Nien Nunb Pronunciation

Now the big question for many is how to properly pronounce his name? According to a Kenner Commercial back in the early '80s...

Enjoy coloring Nien Nunb and May the Force Be With You!