Celebrating National Bobanana Bread Day - Boba Fett Banana Bread Day

Boba Fett Bobanana Bread for National Banana Bread Day
Boba Fett's Banana Bread AKA Bobanana Bread

February 23rd is National Bobanana Bread Day aka Banana Bread Day. 

At least Star Wars fans know it should be National Bobanana Bread Day.  I started the trend of Bobanana Bread aka Banana Bread (recipe and label) and I'm not about to give it up.

How to Make the Boba Fett Helmet Molds for Decor

Boba Fett Candy and Cake Molds for Bobanana Bread
Boba Fett and Mandalorian Molds
For Bobanana Bread Decor
I used the Boba Fett molds I found on Amazon to embellish my Bobanana Bread. I tried making the Mandalorian symbols (Mythosaur skull) too, but sadly the detail didn't come out enough to use.

My Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan

I am giddy about how cool Boba Fett's helmet came out  to decorate the banana bread from my beautiful Nordic Ware "Heritage" bundt pan. Be sure to spray your pan very well with a non-stick spray with flour in it. Makes all the difference in releasing the cake.

It's All In The Detail

You can fill the Boba Fett molds with my crumbly topping or even some of the bobanana bread batter. You decide. Then I painted them with a little brown food gel thinned out with some water (you can find Wilton's brown food gel icing color in Walmarts, Michaels, or most cake decorating stores). Very simple strokes. One thing I am not is an artist. If I can make something, then anybody can do it! 😊

You Can Make The Bobanana Bread Recipe Gluten-Free, If Needed

This time we made the bobanana bread recipe gluten-free, as I have a teenage son with autism who has adverse reactions when gluten builds up in his system. He's not a celiac, so he does indulge in gluten from time to time. But too much and he gets horrible anxiety. We substituted Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Flour 1 to 1. And added an extra egg to help it rise nicely.
Bobanana Bread Tent Card
Bobanana Bread Tent Card - Food Label
Free Printable - Lego Version
(Click on image to save or print)

A Variation in the Bobanana Bread Label - Lego Boba Fett 

Yes, I play/build/create with Legos! Unabashedly! I have Star Wars Lego figurines on my work desk. I do not have the Lego Boba Fett one yet, but it's on my wish list!!! If they come out with a porg...I'll be all over that idea too! 

The upside, I can always count on getting something from the Star Wars Lego theme for my birthday and Christmas. My bestest friend and children all know it's guaranteed to elicit an "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" of excitement from me. 

But back to this post, I have linked you to the recipe. I've disclosed how I alter my recipe to make it Gluten-Free. I taught you how easy it is to decorate it...and you now two free printable food tent card label options. Buon Appetito!

May the Force Be With You!