Star Wars Peach Cobbler - Spicy Peach Cobb Vanth Recipe and Free Printable Food Label

Star Wars Peach Cobbler Recipe and Free Printable Food Label
Star Wars Food Recipe and Label: Spicy Peach (Cobbler) Cobb Vanth
What's the theory behind Cobb Vanth? He's from the Star Wars "Aftermath" series. Many have speculated that the Mandalorian armor he acquires belongs to none other than the notorious Boba Fett.

In fact, many believe he is Boba Fett resurrected from the Sarlacc Pit. Did he kill the Sarlacc? Did Boba Fett indeed die or did he escape?

All I know for sure is that Cobb Vanth makes a mean Peach "Cobb"ler! Okay, actually it was Chef Bretto who made this cobbler, but it's changed my opinion of peaches. Not only can you get the free printable party food label, but you can also get the delectable recipe for Spicy Peach Cobb Vanth.

Peach Cobb(ler) Vanth Star Wars Party Food Label
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