DIY Lego Star Wars Cake

DIY Lego Star Wars Cake
DIY Lego Star Wars Cake
Looking for a fun way to make a simple and quick Lego Star Wars cake? On this one year, I did not have time to decorate an intricate cake, so the younger two boys built some "Star Wars" Lego models and decorated their own cake. 

Blowing out the candles on Lego Star Wars cakes.
Brett and Levi blowing out their candles on
their Lego Star Wars cakes.
For the cake board, I put plastic wrap over a Lego Baseplate. They each chose their flavor of cake, which I baked in loaf pans.

Then I cut large marshmallows in half and placed them on top of the loaves to form the "connectors" of the Lego cakes.

Unfortunately, I did not have all the ingredients on hand to make professional decorator icing which was very frustrating to me. I was low on confectioner's sugar, as you may be able to tell, as my icing was too soft, but thankfully it all worked out fine.

Transporting the cakes to Chuck E Cheese...another obstacle since I was in a rush, but the kids did not seem to mind and loved their cakes.