Scored: Lego Star Wars T-Shirt for Levi

What does one do when they have a child with autism who is extremely picky about which t-shirt characters they will wear? Every single time they go into Walmart, Target, etc...this mommy strolls by the t-shirts for boys and prays to find a t-shirt with characters my son loves! They are few and far between.

Many of his favorite characters are the "unloved" ones from various shows, so no shirt is made in their honor. Ridley from Metroid, Plankton from Sponge Bob, and of course Darth Vader from Star Wars. Poor, poor Darth Vader is so misunderstood and just needs Levi to bring Padme back to life and he will be a sweet guy again!

When I was in Walmart about a week ago I was ecstatic to find this t-shirt in his size with most of the original Lego Star Wars characters on it! SCORE! Oh yeah, The Star Wars Mom found a shirt that Levi's loves!!! I just found Walmart now has a long sleeved shirt with Lego Storm Troopers and Darth Vader on it too! Oh yeah...guess who is going shopping tonight???