DIY Porg Pinwheel Craft - Perfect for Star Wars Birthday Parties and Easter Baskets

Porg Pinwheel Party Craft - Porgs Windmills by The Star Wars Mom
DIY Porg Pinwheel Party Craft AKA Star Wars Porgs Windmills
Porgfect for a Star Wars Birthday Party or Star Wars Easter theme
I hope this excites you just a tenth as much as it excites me. When I made up the Porg Birthday Party invites, I immediately set to work on making many more Porg Party Supplies.

Porg Pinwheel Craft - Star Wars Porgs Windmills
DIY Porgs Pinwheels Craft
The first I will share with you is how to make Porg Pinwheels either to add to Easter Baskets or they make great Birthday Party decor and/or favors. 

Star Wars Porg theme items are one of my top requests from fans.

Are these pinwheels safe for small children? No! The tacks can easily come out and either stick them or be swallowed.

Items you will need to make the Porg Pinwheel Craft:

  • Porg Pinwheel Pattern
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • A push pin or tack
  • Sequins or tiny beads (Smaller than pony beads, but large enough to fit on the pin)
  • Glue
  • Stick (Bamboo skewers or dowels work best)

How to Assemble the Porg Pinwheels: 

Porg Pinwheel Pattern by The Star Wars Mom
Porg Pinwheel Pattern
Click on image to save or print
If you can get bamboo skewers it will be so much easier on you, because you can soak them first before pushing the pin into them at that keeps the wood from splintering and eases pushing in the pin. At first I used pencils, as that was all I had on hand, but then I used these long wooden dowels to make them lawn ornaments. All of these are options for you.

  1. Print out this pattern and cut along all the solid lines. If you print it on a laser printer or thermal copier, the design will hold up better if used outside. 
  2. You can either print it on both sides, glue two patterns together so the porgs are on both sides, or print it only on one side and decorate the blank side with sequins or other lightweight embellishments such as star wars stickers. 
  3. Starting with one point push the pin through close to the black dot, then do the same with each of the next three points. 
  4. Then push the pin through the center black dot. Flip over. 
  5. On the back side, add some sequins (about 6-8) or a couple of small beads as spacers (it may not spin without some type of spacer) before gluing and pushing the pin into the bamboo skewer or dowel. Let dry.
I had to first prep the dowel by hammering in small holes with the pins before gluing the pinwheel in place.

May the Porgs Be With You! If you love this craft, please share it with your friends, but be sure to link back to this page! Thank you.