T is for Tusken Raiders - Star Wars Alphabet Coloring Page

T is for Tusken Raider - Star Wars Alphabet Coloring Page Free Printable
Tusken Raider AKA Sand People - Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Page
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Who are the Tusken Raiders?

Sand People AKA Tusken Raiders inhabited the desert world of Tatooine. Hating the sand almost as much as Anakin 😆, they wore coverings to protect them.

Also their masks helped them to retain moisture and keep the sand out. Some believe them to be almost humanoid.

Tusken Raiders believed water to be sacred and would raid moisture farms. They disliked all other races and so would not hesitate to execute anybody who was not Tusken.

Sand People Bonded With Banthas

The Sand People had what one might consider a spiritual connection with the Bantha creatures, owning them and caring for them. Each Raider had their very own Bantha of the same sex. When the Tusken rider died, the Bantha would usually die within days. Much like stories of dragons and dragon riders.

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