Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Coloring Page

Star Wars Rebels Coloring Page - Season 4
Star Wars Rebels Coloring Page - Season 4 Farewell

How will we manage without our beloved Ghost Crew? 

 Tomorrow night, we bid adieu to the cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels. Much the same as the end of the animated series, "The Clone Wars" was bittersweet, so is this farewell.

What's Next? More Star Wars culinary delights!!!

I think the only thing getting many of us through this difficult time is that Dave Filoni is hinting of a new series.

For me especially, it means more Star Wars theme goodies created around new characters! Yayayayay!!!!

Series Finale...will you be joining me?

Tomorrow night, we can color this page while we await the start of the finale. We will enjoy all the goodies for our Star Wars Rebels Series Finale Party. And I have every reason to believe I will be sobbing at the end. I hope you'll join me.

May the Force Be With You!