How to Make Star Wars Cling Decals for Decor

How to make Star Wars Decal Clings for Party Decor
Make Star Wars Cling Decals for your next party!

My Star Wars Rebels Party Plan

Star Wars Rebels High Quality Images for Laser
Printing to Make Clings/Decals
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I had this amazing recipe idea spinning around in my head for Star Wars Rebels character Ezra, also affectionately known as "Blueberry" by his fans.

However, I wanted more. Such as a cool looking cup to hold the delectable drink.

The series finale is coming up and it's party time. I decided to make my own Ezra cups and Hera and Star Wars Rebels plates for the treats I'm serving up. You can do it, too!

Why I made the Star Wars Rebels Window Clings or Decals.  

Cutting out quality laser printed images
I couldn't find plates or cups in the store with the Rebels theme.

Especially, because I wanted clear glasses with Ezra Bridger on them to hold the special drink recipe I created.

The upside about creating these Star Wars decals is that I could use the glasses in my cupboard, but then I can make new cling decals for them next time around. I can change them up as often as I want.

Star Wars Window Clings or Decals are Easy to Make!

Image with tape pressed on and cut.

What you'll need:
  • Quality Images to Print (200-300 dpi) *For this decor, images to use are below
  • A thermal type printer (Laser or Professional Copy Machine)
  • Printer Paper
  • Clear Packaging Tape 
  • Scissors
  • Water

Wetting the printed image
1. Print your quality image via a laser printer. If you don't have a laser printer, you could print it out on an ink jet printer and then take the sheet of paper to the office supply store and have a color copy made on their professional copy machines that use a thermal type ink like a laser printer.

2. Cut out the image. It doesn't have to be precise, you can leave white paper around it.

3. Place stick side of tape over image. Using your finger or another flat object, press the tape on very well. Make sure it has made complete contact with every pixel of the image.

4. Cut around the image, so that the excess tape is cut away.

5. Place image in bowl of water. You need the paper to be wet enough so that when you begin to rub it, it will begin to peel away.

Peeling Paper off back of image on tape
6. Rub until all paper is removed from tape. Image will be transferred onto the tape now. Even though you have wet the tape, it will be sticky enough to cling to glass or plastic for decor.

7. Place image decal where you want it. Then take a paper towel and press from the center outward to make sure all water and air are released from the backside.

Some completed decals ready to go on cups and plates
Are you surprised how easy this was to make? And now you have come to the realization that the force is indeed with you. You can make so many amazing Star Wars decals to decorate throughout the year.

DIY cling on a party plate

If you want to add these to plates, but don't want to put food directly on the image, we found the best results with sticking them to a themed color plate and then placing a clear plastic plate over it.

Now check out what we served on these plates and in these cups! :)

May the Force Be With You!