Celebrate Rebels Night! Star Wars Rebels is Back with a Bang!

Celebrate Star Wars Rebels Night with Food, Family, and Friends! #RebelsNight
Celebrate Star Wars Rebels Night with Food, Family, and Friends!

Do you watch Star Wars Rebels?

I hear the praise and complaints about it online. I think the biggest issue is when we compare it to The Clone Wars. The Clone Wars was awesome! However, if you aren't expecting Star Wars Rebels to be the same type of show and simply watch it on its own merit, you might find you enjoy it. I know I do!

I love Hera Syndulla! She's my favorite character of the show.

She is the glue. The mother figure. The Yoda of the show in a sense. We see her faults and her strengths. She is rather calm, but always seems to be planning how to protect those she loves. I'd have loved to see more of her in the future, but I think her storyline ends with this season. How about it Disney?

Rebels Night is a Big Deal!  

It's a reason to gather with the family and friends and celebrate! Make a Star Wars themed meal or dessert and watch the series together. Afterward, use it as a time to discuss important questions with your children. There are almost always life lessons in these shows. Get your children talking to you about how these things apply in our real lives. You are building a heritage and traditions they will pass down to their children.

Great Ideas to Help You Celebrate!

I have many Star Wars Rebels themed ideas...food/recipes, free printable tent cards to put with your dishes, cupcake flag toppers, banners, coloring pages, etc. Type "Rebels" or the name of a character in the search bar on this page and find the goodies! 

If you are short on time, there is no shame in going out and buying a chocolate cake and printing out the Hera Syndulla Hera-shey's Chocolate Cake food label tent card. Be innovative and have fun, even if you're too busy to cook!!! May the Force Be With You!