DIY Santa Yoda Hat Under Five Dollars - Star Wars Tree Topper

DIY Santa Yoda Hat for Under $5 - Christmas Tree Topper Decor
DIY Santa Yoda Hat Craft for Under $5 - Adult size hats - Christmas Tree Topper - Decor
Christmas Decor Star Wars DIY Santa Yoda Hat for Under $5 Tree Topper
DIY Star Wars Santa Yoda Hat for Under $5
Makes a great Star Wars Tree Topper Craft
This year my teenagers have some very cute Christmas yoda shirts to wear for their Christmas photo. However, as I looked into buying them Santa Yoda Hats online and in stores, I found most of them are only made in child or small adult sizes.

DIY Santa Yoda Hat Ear Template
DIY Santa Yoda Hat Ear Template
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I'm not one to just give up when I have an idea, so I decided to craft them myself. I figured I could buy cheap large adult santa hats at walmart for under $3 each, buy some green felt (only one rectangle for each set of ears), green pipe cleaners, and glue sticks. All of this came out to less than $5 for a hat and they FIT my teenagers comfortably.

And while I was at it, I realized these hats...when stuffed a bit...make great tree toppers or other Christmas decor. My teens love these so much, they asked if I could next make them Yoda Beanies for their heads this winter! Oh yeah, I'm a Star Wars Do It Yourself Mom! I can do that!!!

Pinterest DIY Santa Yoda Hat Graphic
DIY Santa Yoda Hat
Just print out the template, cut out the ears. and copy onto felt, but be sure to leave some extra space around each ear as you trace it, as you will need to roll down extra material around the pipe cleaners and the bottom too. I used my fine point disappearing ink made for tracing patterns onto material.

I only put a pipe cleaner on the top of the ears. I left the excess of the pipe cleaner sticking out  of the ears so I could then hot glue it over the side of the trim to help secure the ear into place. I also hot glued the ear to the side of the fur trim on the hat.

May the Force Be With You!