Star Wars Alphabet Coloring Page - Letter B - Bantha

Star Wars Alphabet Coloring Page B is for Bantha
Star Wars Alphabet Coloring Page - B is for Bantha
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We all see those adult coloring books at stores now. A lot of them are flat out boring. And then one has so many choices to we borrow Ezra Bridger's Crayons or Jyn Erso's Colored Pencils?

(I'm guessing that a lot of Star Wars adult fans will be enjoying these free Star Wars coloring pages, too.)

B is for Bantha.

Won't this be useful if your child attends public school and the teacher asks students to name off things that begin with the Letter "B?"

Anakin Jr blurts out, "Bantha!" The cool kids know what he's talking about. And then little Jyn responds, "Bendu."  Not to be outdone, Luke reminds everybody, "B is for Boba!"
Yes, we have some diehard fans in this classroom. :)

Yet, Mrs. Trekkie sends letters home with them stating that perhaps she will beam the children home next time if they don't learn B is for "B'Etor." 

You then realize she needs a link to The Star Wars Mom's website and an invite to your home for some Star Wars food. You can convert her!!! ;)

May the Force Be With You!