Kalifano Star Wars Metal Sculpture Art - Las Vegas

Star Wars metal sculpture art Boba Fett, Trooper, Yoda, R2-D2
Kalifano in the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas - Star Wars Metal Sculpture Art
Kalifano Star Wars Trooper Metal Art
If I lived on my own, I fear I would own many of these, as home decor. Fortunately, my sanity comes by way of other family members who help confine my Star Wars obsession to my desk, cooking, and wardrobe.

However, no one can contain my excitement when I see something Star Wars themed. I truly don't care how others judge me in those moments. I clap excitedly as "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," escapes from my smiling mouth. I am in my personal heaven for those few moments!

I have to share these beautiful works of art, as what a perfect Christmas present for many Star Wars fans.
Kalifano Boba Fett Metal Art
Kalifano's exhibits of Star Wars Metal Art Sculptures had me absolutely delighted. I'm certain one of my sons would love the trooper...and I was enchanted by Boba Fett. These sculptures are located in Kalifano in the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas and throughout The Venetian. If you are interested, I suggest you call them first to make certain the item is still available. 702-791-5501

Ultimately, there is just something about Yoda. His wisdom, calmness, and grammar all draw me in. Though if this sculpture could speak it would most likely say, "Eeeeeeeee, you should not! Calm, you must be." 😉 That's not going to happen!!!

May the Force Be With You!