Star Wars Junk Artist - Gabriel Dishaw

Star Wars Junk Art by Gabiel Dishaw
Star Wars Junk Art and Up-cycled Creations by Gabriel Dishaw
Remember years ago when you tossed your old adding machines and typewriters, as you had no purpose for them? Don't worry, so did I. We messed up!!!

Enter Gabriel Dishaw - Up-cycler, Junk Artist, and Sculptor. Mind you, he does not only create Star Wars influenced art, but that is why I have included his work here today.

His most recent creation, called "Arachnid Vader," reminds me a bit of a cross of Darth Vader and General Grievous, though it also has a bit of Doc Ock feel to it. I feel like it is the marriage of Star Wars and Marvel Comics. :)

Star Wars Steampunk Darth Vader Junk Art by Gabriel Dishaw
Steampunk Vader Junk Art by Gabriel Dishaw
You have to visit his site to see all of his amazing creations.

I do like this "Steampunk Vader" as well. I like the antiqued feel to the paint as well as the gears, giving an authentic Steampunk Sci-Fi genre to this artwork.

My husband has been talking about showcasing a warthog head over our fireplace, but I'm just not "feeling" it. I think at the very least it would inspire nightmares. It would hardly encourage family time spent in the living room. However, what if Mr. Dishaw created Star Wars Wall Art? Can you imagine a Star Wars scene over my mantle? As an Ewok would respond, "Yesh!"

I'd love to hear which Dishaw work of art you find intriguing.