Star Wars - Speaking Ewokese Flashcards - Lesson 1

In our house, we have a crew who love the Ewoks. They are just so darn cuddly and adorable. And what can be more fun that learning a foreign language that is absolutely useless outside of the Star Wars Universe? ;) Yes, my friends, we are going to learn Ewokese together! (Printable Flash Card Below)

For today's lesson we will learn about what to say to your host when they serve you a delicious meal. Since I also have an Italian website with many recipes, this is an essential skill, akin to burping loudly! :)

Repeat after me: Yun yum di goot!
Translated into English: "It is very good/tasty!"

Here is today's flashcard, just click on it to save it or print it. 
Star Wars Speaking Ewokese
(Click on Ewokese Flashcard to enlarge and print.)

Be sure to join us for Lesson 2 of speaking Ewok