DIY Sturdy & Safe LightSabers for Under $1.00 Each

Cheap DIY Lightsabers for Party, both sturdy and safe

Supplies Needed:

  • Pool Foam Noodles (about 4-6 ft long) or if you cannot find them, you could use foam plumbing/pipe insulation

  • Duct Tape in Silver and Black

  • Scissors and/or a Safety Razor

Measure or estimate the middle of the length of the Pool Noodles and cut in half to make 2 equal light sabers. I found my Pool Noodles at the 99 cents store. They carried two brands and the wham-o brand seemed sturdier.

Cut two strips of duct tape to cover the end where you made the cut, as shown in the photo. Begin to wrap duct tape around the handle. I use one contrasting color as the first strip closest to the end of the handle and then three more strips of the same color as used on the end. I then use the contrasting color to make rectangular buttons.

If children are helping to make these, you could use more colors of duct tape and let them be a little more creative with personalizing the handles. However, I made up almost 30 of these by myself and wanted a simple pattern to repeat.

Cheap DIY Lightsabers for parties, sturdy and safe
Cheap DIY Lightsabers for parties
I was SHOCKED how well these held up for the rough abuse the kids gave them ages 4-13 years old. My total cost was about $.70 each and they were the most coveted party favor/toy I have ever seen. :)

We used these in our Jedi Training Academy: Lightsabers vs. The Bubbledroids.