DIY Porg Party Hats - Porgfect for Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Graduations

Porg Birthday Party Hats and Supplies - Star Wars theme
Porg Party Hats - Free DIY Birthday Party Hat Pattern - Star Wars Porgs
Modeled by none other than the lovely Mara Jade Porgwalker
By reader request, I have been creating Porg Birthday Party supplies and crafts that you have free access to use for your parties.

Step by step Porg Party Hats - DIY
Modeled by Mara Jade Porgwalker
These Porg Party Hats are porgfect for a Birthday, Baby Shower, Graduation, or any other party.

They are Star Wars Porg theme, but they don't have Happy Birthday written on them with this in mind.  And you can make it yourself. It's a very easy craft or party supply.

Supplies needed for Porg Party Hats:

  • Porg Party Hat Pattern
  • Card stock
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Curling Ribbon of various coordinating colors
  • Elastic string

Instructions for Making Porg Party Hats:

Click on the Porg Party Hat Image to save or print
  1. Using the porg party hat pattern on this post, print it on card stock. 
  2. Cut the pattern on all solid lines. 
  3. Cut six pieces of 6 inch curling ribbon and fold in half. 
  4. Tape folded curling ribbon on back side of hat to stick out of top of hat. 
  5. Roll hat into cone shape with ribbons sticking out top. Insert tab on side and tape inside. 
  6.  Using scissors, curl ribbons sticking out the top a little, if desired.
  7. Take elastic string and tape inside each side of hat. You can cut slits on sides of hat about an inch from the bottom and insert the string there and tape it inside.
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May the Porgs Be With You!