BB-8 Math - Addition Mat - Star Wars Free Printable

Star Wars BB-8 Free Printable Math Addition Mat - The Star Wars Mom
BB-8 Addition Mat Example - Free Math Printables Below
Blank BB-8 Addition Mat
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Learning to Count on Star Wars Action Figures

My kids enjoyed whenever I found a way to make math fun. I let them learn to count on whatever items interested them. This included: hot wheels, breyer horses, thomas trains, and star wars figures

Star Wars Addition Mats for Math in School or at Home

Beginning addition is made more fun in various ways.  Math addition mats make the subject "click" for many kids.

Again, if the mat is a theme they enjoy, it's much less like work.  This is perfect for teachers or parents to use with children.

Choosing Characters Who Aren't Scary

Star Wars has several characters that most children love. BB-8 is one of them. He's cute, rascally (like a good rebel), and very smart.

We included an example of how to use this Addition Mat in the top BB-8 example. I wonder how many of you know Jacen S.? 😍

How to Use the Star Wars BB-8 Addition Math Mat

BB-8 Discs and Numbers for Addition Math Mat
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BB-8 Math mat is simple. Print out both the BB-8 Mat and the Discs/Numbers sheets onto card stock.

Cut out the numbers and discs to use on the mat. And the learning begins. You could laminate them to make them last longer if desired. 

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May the Droids Be With You!